Collection of Secondary Waste

HERLIG Ltd. located separated waste containers are intended for the collection of different types of packaging waste – cardboard, paper, film, polyethylene bags, PET bottles and plastic cans. In order to achieve maximum container fulfillment, folded and compressed packaging is preferable, for instance - please open cardboard box from both ends and compress it in compact sheet.  One container, dedicated for these particular types of packaging (mentioned above) is used. The container is marked accordingly.
ATTENTION! It is forbidden to throw household waste, hazardous medical waste, ashes and other inappropriate types of waste in the separated waste containers.

Legal entities, if also you want to reduce domestic waste utilization costs and create  environmentally friendly waste management system in your company, please contact us - we will help you find the best solution how to reduce the disposed waste volume by sorting out the waste suitable for recycling.

In order to get more information or apply for the separated waste collection, please contact us!